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Be Protected

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Protect Yourself:

NCRA Protection Programs are customized for you at competitive group rates. Your membership entitles you to competitively priced health, life, disability, and professional liability policies. There’s even a low-cost business equipment policy that takes the place of expensive riders on your homeowner or renter policy.

Find out more about NCRA’s Protection Programs:
Be Seen

Be Seen


Marketing Matters:

Reporter members benefit from a complimentary annual listing in the Court Reporter Sourcebook and NCRA’s Online Sourcebook. Your NCRA membership provides you the tools to create a professional marketing plan for your services.

Learn more about NCRA’s marketing support, designed to connect potential clients to members:
  •  Each August, the printed NCRA Sourcebook is distributed to nearly 17,000 court reporters, firms, legal professionals and more. This comprehensive directory aims to connect members to those who need court reporting, captioning and legal videography services, and every reporter/associate NCRA member receives a valuable listing in the printed Sourcebook as part of the membership package. That’s right — join NCRA and you’ll be listed in this comprehensive annual directory for no additional charge.
  • In the Online Sourcebook users will easily find what they’re looking for. Users can search by a variety of categories including keyword, location, and certification.
  • NCRA continues to use the NCRA Convention & Expo app, a downloadable app that put attendees contact information, presenter bios and the convention schedule at iPhone and Droid users’ fingertips.
Be Connected

Be Connected

Stay Connected:

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