I am the most accurate, reliable way to convert the spoken word to text.

I am the most accurate, reliable way to convert the spoken word to text.

7831741888_17cd3984b0_zI’m fluent in a language that allows me to make a transcript of the English language as fast as humans can speak it. I’m a master of technology and I’m committed to constantly learning and improving my skills. I’m a service provider and a knowledge expert. There’s no way Siri could do my job. I am a court reporter. I am NCRA.

Be Protected

Be Protected

Umbrella - Be Protected

Protect Yourself:

NCRA Protection Programs are customized for you at competitive group rates. Your membership entitles you to competitively priced health, life, disability, and professional liability policies. There’s even a low-cost business equipment policy that takes the place of expensive riders on your homeowner or renter policy.

Find out more about NCRA’s Protection Programs:
Be Vocal

Be Vocal

Advocacy - DC Capital

Strengthening the Profession:

NCRA’s government relations efforts have resulted in heightened awareness of court reporters and captioners among elected officials and key decision makers. Currently, NCRA is fighting to pass the Local Courthouse Safety Act, which would bring much-needed security equipment to rural courthouses—protecting court reporters and the public in general.

Find out more about NCRA’s advocacy and government relations efforts:
Be Informed

Be Informed

JCR MagazineIn the know:

You’ll get the news and information that will keep you connected with your profession. There’s no other magazine for reporting and captioning professionals like the JCR (Journal of Court Reporting). Most members spend almost an hour with each issue – it’s that good. You’ll also receive the JCR Weekly with the latest information you need to succeed to your inbox each Wednesday morning. Plus, TheJCR.com and NCRA.org are available 24/7 to put powerful resources at your fingertips.

Learn more about NCRA’s communication vehicles:
  • Have you checked out the JCR‘s new online presence? The place for court reporting and captioning news. The industry’s leading news outlet. TheJCR.com.
  • NCRA members receive regular updates, alerts and e-newsletters to stay current with industry events, continuing education opportunities and more.
  • Did you know we keep archives of past issues of the JCR? When you’re a member, you’ll have years and years of back issues at your fingertips.
  • NCRA members love keeping connected, which is why the association supports all of today’s popular social media sites. Do you Tweet? Follow NCRA. Do you Facebook? Like NCRA. Want to get connected to your colleagues? NCRA has several LinkedIn groups. Oh, and we like to put together cool videos. Have you seen NCRA’s YouTube channel yet?
Be Seen

Be Seen


Marketing Matters:

Reporter members benefit from a complimentary annual listing in the Court Reporter Sourcebook and NCRA’s Online Sourcebook. Your NCRA membership provides you the tools to create a professional marketing plan for your services.

Learn more about NCRA’s marketing support, designed to connect potential clients to members:
  •  Each August, the printed NCRA Sourcebook is distributed to nearly 17,000 court reporters, firms, legal professionals and more. This comprehensive directory aims to connect members to those who need court reporting, captioning and legal videography services, and every reporter/associate NCRA member receives a valuable listing in the printed Sourcebook as part of the membership package. That’s right — join NCRA and you’ll be listed in this comprehensive annual directory for no additional charge.
  • In the Online Sourcebook users will easily find what they’re looking for. Users can search by a variety of categories including keyword, location, and certification.
  • NCRA continues to use the NCRA Convention & Expo app, a downloadable app that put attendees contact information, presenter bios and the convention schedule at iPhone and Droid users’ fingertips.
Be Connected

Be Connected

Stay Connected:

Social  Media

NCRA members love keeping connected. Stay connected with NCRA and your colleagues in the following ways:


There’s an event for you!

Be Techie

Be Techie

Be a Techie

Stay Current:

NCRA offers cutting-edge educational opportunities, both live and online, to keep members ahead of technology shifts and best practices for the profession. You will always be leading the pack when you take advantage of NCRA’s continuing education opportunities.

Learn more about how NCRA can make you a lifelong learner:
  • NCRA’s live webinars feature leading speakers from around the country speaking on engaging topics relevant to the court reporting profession. This delivery format includes live audio and powerpoint slides that are controlled by the speaker in real time.
  • E-Seminars represent the most convenient way to earn CEUs when and where you need them. Featuring recorded video and downloadable handout materials, e-seminars allow you to access the best presentations from past NCRA events and webinars. Explore NCRA’s e-seminar library.
  • There are plenty of ways to expand your knowledge base and earn your CEUs. Check out the long list of acceptable CEU platforms and events.
Be Certified

Be Certified


Decorate your last name with power letters:

You’ll be able to prove your competencies in both traditional and new aspects of reporting by becoming certified. NCRA offers the most extensive certification programs in the reporting and captioning professions. You’ll get the recognition, prestige, and higher income you deserve when you become a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR), or Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC).

Have you thought about becoming certified?
  • Learn more about what all those letters mean, and what it will take for you to earn them.
  • With a strong organizational focus on making members tech savvy, NCRA offers two certificate programs — Realtime Systems Administrator and Trial Presentation Professional. Be the master of technology at every job.
  • Want to know more about the steps to certification? Find the information you need to take and schedule the exams required to earn your certification.